I would like to introduce you to Green Skyline Solar.

Green Skyline Solar is a vertically integrated partner in the deal-flow process in both utility scale and large net-metered solar projects. We originate solar investments, provide turnkey solar design-build, tax equity investors, financing and bonding for pre-development solar sites. Our executive concentration focuses on investors' predetermined acquisition strategies, in combination with solar developers' financial goals, hinged on specific ROI and IRR expectations.

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Development Model:

Green Skyline Solar is continuously pursuing strategies to acquire solar projects throughout the US on behalf of our investment teams. Our teams, along with partners, are actively identifying and negotiating with various developers to acquire fully permitted, “shovel ready” projects with anticipated construction start dates within 30-90 days from acquisition. The typical project profile is a ground mount PV project consisting of 3-50 MW DC of capacity. We have and we will continue to acquire projects from developers and execute the construction. We roll-up solar sites, selling the PV bundles to pre-identified investment audiences and/or hold the assets long-term. Our teams possess the requisite tax appetite to take advantage of the Federal ITC and MACRS depreciation benefits.

Development Partnership Structure:

Green Skyline Solar has created both NTP and COD partnership structure, whereby GSS investment audiences purchase the projects at pre-development and/or at completion of construction. A mutually beneficial structure is provided in which our NTP Investor(s) absorb development and construction risk to deliver a high quality, commercially viable solar power plant to the appropriate COD investment audiences.

The transfer of ownership and associated risk is conceived once construction is completed and system testing has been verified, with ownership transfer taking place prior to commissioning as to maintain the integrity of associated tax benefits and incentives. Operational risk is mitigated by workmanship warranties by the EPC contractor, equipment warranties from major component suppliers and production wraps through O&M contracts. Our investment teams only use pre-approved high quality modules and inverters. We are always seeking new contractual relationships that define deliverables with clear acquisition criteria by investment audiences.